A Royal Encounter

Last week I was given an opportunity to attend a very exciting event. As I had done many times – to sing at various award ceremonies and special events and whatnot – I arrived at the Government House in Winnipeg on Tuesday, May 20 dressed in my very best. However, this time I wasn’t invited to sing or entertain or work in any way. I was invited as a guest; as an Arts Representative of Winnipeg. I was going to meet His Royal Highness, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.


I’ll be the first to admit, coming from a humble upbringing in a small town in the Western part of Manitoba, I was quite nervous. I was also very excited! It was a special feeling to be amongst some of the most recognized and influential people in Manitoba and have the room bubbling with anticipation.

Click here to read an article from CBC.ca about the arrival of Prince Charles and Camilla.

Something I thought to be appropriate on the evening was the presence of youth. Some familiar faces in the crowd were internationally known fiddle player Sierra Noble, local humanitarian Hannah Taylor, and a string quartet which included two former classmates from the Faculty of Music. Among the established professionals, it was refreshing to see some up-and-coming individuals as well.

Another highlight of my evening happened near the end of the night. It was hard to converse with everyone during the festivities, but as I was leaving the event I snapped this Olympic sized selfie!

Anyone jealous? That’s me with the Canadian Women’s Curling Olympic Gold Medal team: Jennifer Jones, Dawn McEwen, Jill Officer, and Kaitlyn Lawes. Go Canada, Go!

And in case you thought that was the only selfie I took that evening, you’d be incorrect. Here was my outfit for the evening (provided by Aldo Formal Wear) I say, no matter how nervous and anxious and antsy I get, there’s always time for a selfie! #idontactuallysaythat


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