The Little Mermaid: after Opening

Well, we have officially opened the show and with four shows under our belt we are wading into another two-show day! Our line has been cast into the “pond” and we’ve reeled in a few great audiences already! According to the Wpg Free Press review – which can be found here – 11,000 fishy faces will see Disney’s The Little Mermaid at Rainbow Stage before the end of this weekend.

Check out this electrifying shot of my evil cohorts and I plotting (in sing-and-dance form) our revenge on King Triton! We are r’eely wicked…


If you haven’t got your tickets yet, you had better hurry. This show is SELLING OUT! Isn’t that fintastic!

Follow this link to the Rainbow Stage website. Disney’s The Little Mermaid runs at Rainbow Stage in Kildonan Park until August 29.

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